Thursday, 26 February 2015

Metallic Body Art

Today’s post isn’t a review on a specific brand, I just want to tell you about temporary Metallic Tattoos and why I love this Summer trend so much.

When it started trending midway last year, I thought I wouldn’t get into it. They were beautifully placed on model’s arms or backs for bikini shoots and even to compliment low cut evening gowns, but that didn’t appeal to me. However, when I started thinking out of the box and saw the tattoos being used as jewellery on fingers, hands, wrists, necklines and even on feet, I was hooked.

The rebel in me has always wanted a tattoo but I would never dare to ink anything permanent on my body. So these temporary tattoos are great because they will satisfy your inner wild child with no regrets and can also be used as jewellery (they are so pretty)! I know there has always been fake tattoos around but these are the first I’ve seen that are so blingy and feminine.

As seen on
Buy a few sheets of metallic designs and then mix and match them as you please. You apply them the way you applied those bubble-gum tattoos when you were a kid. Measure and cut to size, peel off the plastic layer and press down on your skin with a damp cloth. Voila! As easy as that! As with real jewellery, you can pile on tattoos for a layered look, or apply rings close together to imitate the stacked trend. What better way to bling up at the poolside, the beach or outdoor events without the risk of losing valuable jewels.

Here are a few styles that I really like:

I layered Faux Tattoos with Real Jewellery .

As seen on Poshmark

Love these text tattoos!

This trend is already moving to new levels, with designers creating temporary tattoos with colour images and paintings, which when applied, looks like the real deal.

Temporary watercolour tattoos

The best part? This won’t leave a dent in your wallet and needs no commitment nor any painful laser treatment. It lasts about 6 days and comes off with some baby oil. You can also DIY and make your own tats with metallic liners, nail polish and some stencils.

I have a feeling this trend will carry on long past the summer days, so have fun with it!

♡, Sana xx

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