Thursday, 12 February 2015

Makeup Eraser

I have to admit when it comes to removing my makeup at the end of the day I am so lazy!! So the quicker and easier it is the happier I am. I’ve been using makeup wipes for the last few years but recently I’ve come across a new product. It’s called the “Makeup Eraser” and it’s a lush pink cloth with two different sides, one to wipe off makeup and the other to exfoliate with.
It promises to remove your makeup with just water, including waterproof eyeliner & mascara, HD makeup and much more. It’s reusable, no stains remain after washing and it will last 1000 washes. It’s also claims to be all natural and chemical free which is great for my sensitive skin.

You can agree this sounds very appealing especially because it eliminates the cost of makeup removing products and it’s easy to use.

So I ordered one. It came in a cute little box, shaped as an eraser. It’s very plush and soft to the touch, just like those microfiber cloths you use for cleaning.

The instructions say to wash it before use, which I did and the sateen edge kind of ripped a little. Strike one.

I wanted to compare it an ordinary facecloth so I only used the Makeup Eraser on one half of my face and a facecloth on the other half. It said to wet with warm water and gently rub in circular motion then flip to exfoliate. I honestly couldn’t distinguish which side was which but after close examination concluded the side with the label was the exfoliating part (it has longer fibres).
It removed my foundation, concealer, blush and eye shadow quite easily. I had to work quite a bit to remove the eye liner and mascara which was uncomfortable- rubbing in a circular motion over your eyes is no joke! Half a strike? After that I used the exfoliating side on my face in the same circular motion.
Then I wet my facecloth and used the same method on the other half of my face. My makeup came off just as easily but I struggled much more with my eyes than I did with the Makeup Eraser.

I only used one small section of the cloth, the idea being that you keep using it in sections and throw it in the machine at the end of the week. (Kind of gross, no?) Also not ideal if you are travelling and can't do washing...
I washed the Makeup Eraser to test if all the stains come off as easily as they say, and it did. It looks brand new again. Point for them.

Now for the final test. Whenever I use makeup wipes, I always think my skin is squeaky clean only to wake up with panda eyes the next morning. After using the Makeup Eraser, I went to bed without doing anything else to my face and this morning… panda eyes!!! Strike two.

Look, I wasn’t expecting miracles, and I know how stubborn mascara can be, but the thing is, yesterday was a light makeup day and so I wasn’t even wearing the heavy liner and mascara I usually do on a night out. Wonder what I’d look like then!!

However, removing eye makeup is something I really struggle with. No wipes or liquids or facewash or oils or toners or creams help. It will look clean but I’m always destined for the panda eye. I guess I hoped the Makeup Eraser would be a solution to my problem but it isn’t.

And in conclusion, the Makeup Eraser is no different to wipes or a normal facecloth. In fact a microfiber cloth is exactly the same as the Eraser and will cost you about ten times less…

Finally, I'd like to add that in comparison to wipes, removing my makeup with a soft cloth left my skin feeling cleaner (wipes tend to leave me feeling a little sticky when I'm done). But because you have to use warm water with the cloth, it leaves the skin very dry . So you will definitely need to moisturize afterwards- which you should be doing anyways! And just to reiterate, I personally don’t think you need to overspend on a Makeup Eraser. The plush microfiber cloths cost me $2.00 for a pack of 3 and they work the same!

, Sana xx

The first time I tested the Makeup Eraser and washed it, I was impressed at how easily the stains came off. However, the next time I used and washed it, hardly anything came off. I had to spray it with Vanish and give it another wash and it still wasn't clean. Not happy about this at all.

As you can see, mascara and eye liner stains are still visible.
***UPDATE 2***
I am extremely disappointed with the quality of this cloth! 1000 washes my foot!!

After only 5 washes!


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