Thursday, 19 February 2015

Because you’re worth it!

Yep you've guessed it, today’s post is about a L’Oreal product.

I have a confession to make... I got sucked in by a TV ad! The commercial was for the L’Oreal Paris Privee Colour Riche Lipstick Collection (Whoa! That’s a mouthful). It features shades that are inspired by a variety of skin tones to give you the perfect nude, natural lip. I think the ad itself is about a year old but the product only launched in Oz recently.

L-R: Freida, Ines, Julianne, Leila, Aishwarya, Liya, Eva and Doutzen

L-R: Freida, Ines, Julianne, Jane, Fan, Liya, Eva and Doutzen.
Just look at them! Who wouldn’t be totally hypnotized by their grace and beauty?
What’s great is that for once, it features women of my skin tone- and I’m not in India. Yay! The print ads and TV ad differ a bit because they don’t all feature the same celebrities (why?) and JLo doesn’t feature in any of them. You can watch the TV ad here and a bit of the filming here. Gosh, I wish I could speak French like Leïla Bekhti...   

So as I said I was totally captivated by this ad and I couldn’t wait to run out and buy one.
The only shades available in Australia are Doutzen, Eva, Julianne, Freida and JLo, named after the ambassadors who represent the shade. They each chose a shade for their diverse skin tones, resulting in a selection of nude lipsticks that are tailor made to suit every woman. 

Doutzen- Hint of Pink,  Julianne- Rosewood Beige, JLo- Greige Glow, Freida- Mauve Tint and Eva-Peach Skin.

The limited options were quite disappointing but that didn’t stop me.

The L’Oreal Paris website has a quiz you can take to find out which shade is right for you. But they are sneaky because no matter what you click, your result will be limited only to the five available shades, so it’s not accurate. The good news is all five shades are beautiful and you might as well use the testers to figure out which you like. 

Top to Bottom: Freida, Doutzen, JLo, Eva and Julianne.
As you can see from the swatches, Doutzen and JLo were way too light and Freida a bit too purple for my liking. Julianne and Eva were definitely winners for me and luckily the store was having a 2 for 1 sale! The lipsticks feel creamy and just glide on (felt like Vaseline!). They promise to be moisturizing, nourishing and hydrating (with added Omega 3 Oils and Vitamin E) ,which I love because I have super dry lips. They all have a slight shimmer to them and after you apply it doesn’t dry up or look flaky. The packaging is also really pretty.
So I recommend this product, if it’s available in your city, go get it! Perthians, these were available at Priceline but after today I don’t think you will get any. They are all sold out and apparently there are no more coming in because it’s limited stock. I literally looked down at my phone to take one photo and when I glanced up, half the lipsticks were gone. Probably has a lot to do with the buy one get one free special. Good Luck!
My two purchases, Eva and Julianne. LOVE!

Left: Eva, Right: Julianne

P.S. Each lipstick has a Le Vernis Nail Polish shade that complements it, also chosen by the ambassadors.

, Sana xx

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