Thursday, 5 February 2015

Brow Drama

I am not one to fall for adverts, I analyse them for authenticity. And if I had seen the commercial for today’s product I definitely wouldn’t have bought it.

Oh, how I wish I saw the ad!

Maybelline has just released a new product: “Brow Drama” a sculpting brow mascara- or so they claim. I purchased this product on a whim when I was at the chemist because they had a good special on and because I have been having “brow drama” of my own recently.

The eyebrow threading in Perth is completely abysmal. I always leave the salon, wanting to choke someone.
In my current state of mismatched eyebrows, one seems to be sparser than the other. Hence my introduction to the world of using eye pencils, clear mascara and brow brushes. I know this is something many people would never leave the house without doing, but it’s new to me. I’ve never had to worry about my eyebrows. In South Africa, my brows were perfect (and at a fraction of the cost!).

So anyways, when I saw this product and read the pamphlet, it was so enticing. An easy avenue to perfectly shaped, sculpted brows!

Now let me tell you, IT DOES NOT WORK!!

If you sweep then sculpt exactly as the instructions tell you to do, you will end up with brown splotches around your eyebrows and that’s frustrating. I basically had to wipe it off and reapply my foundation and eye makeup. It didn't  really fill my eyebrows or give it shape.

I watched some reviews online and one girl did her own thing and used a pencil and her own brush afterwards which I think defeats the purpose and doesn’t fulfil the products’ promise. Another girl cut the ball off the tip of the wand (totally laughing), which again isn’t using the product as it is, or as it's meant to be. in that case why didn't we buy a normal brown mascara and use that instead. Would certainly cost less…

If something claims to work a specific way to make your life easier, that’s the way I would want to use it. And that’s why this product is a letdown for me.

And if I saw the ridiculously CGI effects advert before I bought it, I would have known better. You can clearly see the model isn’t really applying anything. It’s all photoshopped!

I guess I’ll try using it as the girls did, just to finish it up, but I won’t be buying this again!!

Thank God I didn’t pay full price for it.

♡, Sana xx

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