Thursday, 29 January 2015

Eye Love Liners

In my last post I was disappointed with a Benefit product and now I want to share with you something of theirs that I LOVE!!

It’s their new gel liner “They’re Real! Push-up Liner” and it’s amazing. I love eye liner and trust me I’ve tried MANY brands and types. Liquids, pencils, pots, gels, creams, and powders- I’ve tried them all. There have been good ones but I have never come across anything like this.

It has a little angled rubber tip and you twist the base until gel appears on the top. Then you rest it on the base of your lashes and draw your line. The rubber tip feels like its hugging your eyelids, with suction, which keeps the liner steady so it’s super easy to get a perfect line. The application is the easiest I've ever experienced and the colour comes out great.
The best part is, it dries almost immediately and it’s waterproof. This is invaluable to me because I have had plenty of days where my eyeliner has smudged or transferred to the top of my eyelids, leaving me looking like a clown. There’s no fear with this liner because it doesn’t budge.

**Update** This liner stopped working pretty quickly. The gel seemed to have dried or clogged up inside so no matter how much you twisted nothing came up and then later a whole lot of product spilled out the top. It also came out in little dry chunks- nothing usable. I tried my best to salvage it but to no avail... Really don't understand what went wrong.

While on the topic of liners, if you don’t like gel for everyday use, I have found an equally amazing liquid eye pen. It’s Urban Decay’s “Ink for Eyes” in colour Perversion. It has an ultrafine tip that can be used to draw both razor-thin and bold-dramatic lines.
The colour is a deep, intense, striking black- even over my eye shadow! That’s a problem I've had with other brands of liquid liners; the tip dries out after a few uses or doesn’t work over my eye makeup. But this liner glides on, with no problems and the colour doesn’t fade when it dries. It’s also waterproof and won’t smudge or run.

I love both these products and am sure you will too!

♡, Sana xx

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