Thursday, 22 January 2015

Benefit PoreFessional Pro Balm

Ok WHAT is the deal with everyone and this balm??
It does not work for me!!!
It’s pricey for a teeny tube and it doesn't do anything except make my skin greasy. Am I doing something wrong???
At first, it feels silky as stated on the box and has a nice scent but it leaves a residue on my skin and definitely doesn't minimize any of my pores...
The sales lady was like: "This is our bestselling, most popular product" (which Google confirmed)
And: "You can use it as a primer" (I was looking for one at the time)
And the one that sold me: "It works like a BB cream and you won’t use a lot of foundation."
So I went ahead and bought it and unfortunately I was very disappointed when I tried it.
It certainly does not work as a primer nor does it replace my BB cream and foundation as it doesn’t give much coverage. The residue also left my skin a bit oily and other times flaky, so my makeup didn't set or last very long.
I think this product isn’t for all types of skin and that’s something the sales lady should have pointed out.

If you’re interested in this product, ask for a sample first or try the tester on your skin before you purchase it.
A lot of people in their reviews, say it’s amazing and they can’t get enough of it so there must be something to it. But for me, sadly, it was a fail.

♡, Sana xx

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