Thursday, 2 March 2017

Maybelline Express Remover

I actually thought I did a post on this product ages ago! I probably checked my blog and Instagram 50 times because I am so sure I already reviewed it… I can’t find it though, so perhaps I did the prep for the post but never ended up putting it online.
If you love nail polish as much as I do, you would agree that removing it is an absolute pain. This product will take away all the struggle and inconvenience and it works super quickly.
I bought the Maybelline Express Remover thinking it was your standard liquid nail polish remover. So imagine my surprise when I opened it to find a spongey looking thing staring back at me.

In my head I already started planning when I can go back to the store and return it but then I decided to read the bottle.

It claimed to remove nail polish in one dip! I had to give it a try!... And it was like magic! I couldn’t believe how well it worked. I cleaned all 10 fingers in a minute. No mess, no fuss, no more wasting cotton pads!
The smell is quite potent but all acetone removers are the same in that aspect. The sponge feels squishy and nice. As with all removers, definitely wash and moisturise your hands and nails after use.
I bought mine in Perth but I see its available online here in South Africa. Prices range from R90 to R110* on various websites.
Go get one, I promise you’ll thank me!

*Update* The blank space above is actually supposed to be a video showing you how the remover works. It plays on my laptop but for some reason doesn't show on anyone else's device. Not sure how to fix this. I may just replace the video with stills...
, Sana xx
*All prices and details are correct at time of publication and are subject to change.

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