Thursday, 24 November 2016


I had the pleasure of visiting Bayete Spa this past weekend. My sister scored an amazing deal with them some time last year and we finally found a day to go! Usually when places like these have specials, I feel wary that the service will be mediocre but our day was perfect.

Tucked away in the Hennops Valley, the location and ambience were both serene and calming and the staff were friendly and welcoming.


Our treatment package included a Swedish hot stone massage, a Hand exfoliation & massage, a Foot exfoliation & massage, an Indian head & shoulder massage and a Pressure point facial. All the massages were equally enjoyable and relaxing. The therapists are well trained and I cannot fault them on any of the treatments. You will leave there feeling like you’re floating on a cloud.
We were given drinks on arrival, a buffet breakfast, complimentary coffee, tea, juice & water bar, fruit, home baked scones, lunch and finally, cake of the day.

 They gave us our own private cabin to use for the day, as well as access to their pool and Jacuzzi.


 I loved the experience but have a few critiques:

· Before and after each massage, everyone meets at the common pool area and waits for their therapist to take them to the location of the next treatment (each treatment is in a different hut or thatch roof chalet). Because you are dressed in nothing but a robe all day, this can be quite discomfiting and awkward for some people, especially around so many strangers.  

· They divide everyone into groups and rotate you between treatments. I was with my mum and sisters and we were split into a group of 2 and a group of 3. We were told that their therapy rooms couldn’t cater for 5 people altogether, but they definitely could have. There were rooms that could have accommodated all of us together and it would have been an even more wonderful experience if they didn’t split us up.

· You are each assigned a therapist that stays with you throughout the day. This is great if you’re happy with the lady you’re allocated to. But not sure what happens if you’re not. However, I’m sure Bayete grooms all their therapists to meet its excellent standards so hopefully this will never be a problem.
*N.B.* I’d suggest carrying some extra cash with you to give your therapist a tip at the end of the day.
· They use products that may not agree with your skin. Their products seem to be organically made and chemical free (no-name, label-free containers) but of low quality. Their Chocolate Coffee Oil gave me a slight rash and I didn’t particularly like the smell of it. You have the option of not using any products at all but if I had to go again, I’d ask if I could bring my own oil. 

All in all it was a soothing and tranquil experience in a beautiful location and I absolutely recommend it.  Bayete has ongoing specials on their website (link below) and you have the option of staying over at an additional price. Check it out and treat yourself to a wonderful day away.

, Sana xx

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