Thursday, 12 March 2015

Tuesday in Love

Today I want to talk about Tuesday in Love nail polish. They are a Canadian company who specialize in water permeable nail polish. On their website they claim their “revolutionary micro-pore technology, allows water molecules to penetrate through the semi permeable nail polish. This unique technology also allows easy peel away removal without the use of nail polish remover or harsh chemicals.”

I’m going to start with the pros.

·         The polish contains no harsh chemicals and is never tested on animals.

·         The company is socially conscious; proceeds from every purchase are donated to Plan Canada's “Because I am a Girl” initiative, that helps underprivileged girls all around the world.

·         The site has photos of each polish colour on a hand model which is great when trying to choose a shade online.

·         The variety of colours are great, the polish is milky opaque and needs only one coat.

·         Because of the easy peel away aspect, it’s effortless to clean any mistakes around the edges of the nail when applying. And no more nail polish remover!

·         The nail polish is semi-permeable as claimed, which I will discuss more in my next post. This means the polish is breathable and is healthier for your nails.

Now for the cons.

·         The nail polish is overpriced.

·         They have put no effort into the packaging of the product. None of the polishes have names or ingredients on them. Just Tuesday in Love labels. Someone like me would never remember the name verbatim for my next order or to recommend to another person.

·         The polishes don’t have a long shelf life. I had mine for about three months and they began to separate and looked discoloured and splotchy.

·         Besides the photos, the site is quite basic and someone needs to proof read their information pages.

·         The peel away technology. Even though the site lists this as a pro and I believe it has some benefits, the reality is the polish does not stay on your nails!! Because it easily peels off, all it takes is a little scratch to make the polish flake.
      You don’t even have to wash dishes or be doing manual labour. Just use your hands for anything and you are guaranteed to have chipped nail polish.

This is extremely frustrating, as I have no time to keep reapplying every hour! And what do I do if I’m out of the house and nowhere near my polish?

It felt like a waste of nail polish, money and time to keep using it and I ended up giving all my bottles away to my sister. I will add that many reviewers did not find the chipping problem as bad as I did. Theirs lasted from 6 hours up to 2 days. Lucky them, as I don't see how that is possible and I tried them all many, many times.

Tip: I loved the great colours and milky texture of the polishes, so to make the manicure last, I applied a clear top coat (of another brand which was non-permeable) over it and it was great! This did however, defeat the breathable/water permeable feature of the polish.

♡, Sana xx

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